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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns Free Download. Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is the third game in the Final Fantasy XIII series, including Lightning’s store and continuing to evolve its mechanics. Like Final Fantasy XIII-2, lightning returns reinvent the Final Fantasy formula whyle continuing the story of lightning.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns Features:

1. Searching clues and more open adventuring

Final Fantasy XIII was heavily criticised for its linear environments, so XIII-2 remedied that. Now Lightning Returns is the most open-ended adventure. “One of four main areas connected together by a monorail, Luxerion is a fully explorable city”. Exploration’s revamped is now more exciting with the ability to sprint and jump. Another two areas are the Wildlands and Dread Dunes, which are full of forests and camps. From a tutorial at the game’s start, it’s possible to visit other areas whenever you like

2. Changes to Combat and customisation: Single-button combat and costumes

In Lightning Returns, most significant change is to combat. In Lightning, fighting solo, it is a way for a more direct combat. “Comments such as melee and magic, is now assigned to face buttons and not a menu”.

Lightning can be dressed with different costumes, each of this costumes have own moves and stats.

Each one is governed by an ATB bar.

Different sowrds and shields can change lightning’s stats and ability.

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