How to Download

But doing surveys is very easy, you should only know what to do it. Here you can see quick step by step how to download from survey sites:

  1. Choose one of servers: international or dedicated for french or german users
    (these dedicated servers have translated page and dedicated offers)
  2. Click on the download link button
  3. Choose one of the surveys to do and complete it
  4. File will unlock when you will done the survey and your download will start

How to pass the surveys

There are some tips about doing the surveys. Some of them are easiest from other so we want to help you to choose the best and do all surveys quickly and without any problems.

  1. SMS, PIN and e-mail surveys are the easiest Try to pick this surveys, because they takes 2-5 minutes and you should only enter your mobile number or e-mail address and confirm it.
  2. Enter real datas When you’re filling the survey please enter the real names, address because most of the filters will check it and they can don’t pass your filling and you will can’t download the file
  3. Use Gmail If you has choosen a e-mail survey please use Gmail or other “good” mail – you will can feel certain that you will get confirmation message.

How to complete PIN and Mobile Offers for free

PIN/Mobile offers are very easy and quickly to complete, so we give you some tip how to do them for free.

  1. Choose one of Mobile survey
  2. Select your mobile operatour and type your number if it’s necessary
  3. Send SMS with message which you see on the survey site
  4. After you complete it, just send next SMS with STOP to the same number

As you can see we give you link to international server (there are surveys for people from around the world) and to miror (before get the link to mirror you should pass 3 steps).

Sometimes we give also links to special servers dedicated for french and german users and if you from these countries you can choose it to get easier survey.